The ADAMftd Platform aims to assist businesses in identifying and connecting with the most appropriate buyers for their products. This unique tool aims to provide valuable insights, allowing businesses to target potential customers efficiently and effectively.

The platform aims to evaluate and provide information on numerous factors, including:


  • Existing buyers: Determine who is actively purchasing products comparable to yours.
  • Pricing: Learn the prices paid by potential consumers for the products they purchase.
  • Historical Demand: Analyze the purchasing trends of potential customers over time in order to better comprehend their requirements and preferences.
  • Current Suppliers: Find out who these prospective customers are currently purchasing from and evaluate your competitive position.
  • Additional purchases: Determine what other products and quantities potential customers are purchasing, allowing for cross-selling and bundling opportunities.


With the ADAMftd platform, businesses should be able to make data-driven decisions and maximize their export potential by targeting the most relevant consumers. When the platform is completed and launched, this innovative tool will play a crucial role in assisting companies to expand their reach and increase their consumer base.