At the International Centre for Trade Transparency and Monitoring, we recognize the crucial role customs agencies play in facilitating international trade while maintaining security and regulatory compliance. We strive to provide solutions that assist customs agencies in their efforts to increase efficiency, reduce risks, and address challenges they face on a daily basis.


Customs Agencies’ Main Obstacles:

  • Detecting and intercepting fake products.
  • Ensuring compliance with commerce regulations and sanctions.
  • Managing the large volume of shipments and limited inspection resources.
  • Adapting to changing hazards and smuggling strategies.
  • Combating illegal trafficking and transnational crime.


Our Options for Customs Agencies:

  • Advanced Data Analysis: We provide potent data analysis tools that assist customs agencies in identifying suspicious shipments and high risk importers, exporters, and products.
  • Risk-based Targeting: Our platform enables customs agencies to prioritize inspections by evaluating the risk level of shipments based on factors such as the origin, destination, and product classification.
  • Real-time Monitoring: We provide real-time monitoring of global trade flows, enabling customs agencies to identify anomalous patterns, trends, or anomalies that may indicate potential risks or non-compliance.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Our platform facilitates information sharing and collaboration between customs agencies and other stakeholders, such as law enforcement agencies, to increase the efficacy of anti-smuggling and anti-counterfeiting efforts.
  • Training and Support: We provide ongoing training and support to assist customs agencies in maximizing our platform and remaining current with the most recent developments in trade regulations and enforcement techniques.


By utilizing our solutions, customs agencies can improve their ability to secure national security, facilitate legitimate trade, and ensure compliance with international trade regulations. With ICTTM’s assistance, customs agencies can more easily overcome the inherent challenges of their mandate, and contribute to a safer and more prosperous global trading environment.