The ADAMftd platform, which is currently in development, aims to be a valuable tool for law enforcement agencies in their efforts to identify issues, trace offenders to their sources, and enforce the law. By providing access to real-world data, the platform aims to improve the efficiency of law enforcement agencies in combating illegal trade, fraud, and other criminal activities.

  • Identifying issues: The platform intends to provide exhaustive data analysis capabilities to assist law enforcement agencies in identifying patterns and anomalies that may be indicative of criminal activity. By utilizing sophisticated analytics, the platform will allow law enforcement to proactively identify potential issues and initiate investigations.
  • Tracking offenders to their source: The ADAMftd platform seeks to provide law enforcement with access to extensive supply chain data, which can be used to trace the movement of goods and track offenders to their source. This information will be essential for dismantling criminal networks and apprehending those responsible for illegal activities.
  • Real-world data for law enforcement: The platform intends to provide law enforcement agencies with access to a plethora of real-world data, including shipping records, transactional data, and beneficial ownership information. This information can be used to construct solid cases against offenders and facilitate law enforcement.
  • Collaboration and information sharing: The ADAMftd platform is designed to promote collaboration and information sharing between law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders, such as customs agencies and industry organizations. By nurturing a cooperative environment, the platform will enhance collective efforts to combat illicit trade and other criminal activities.
  • Training materials and resources: The platform will also provide law enforcement agencies with access to training materials and resources to aid in the development of expertise around the best use of the platform’s tools and data. This will ensure that law enforcement personnel can effectively leverage the platform’s capabilities to support their efforts in a self-service and secure way.


By incorporating the ADAMftd platform and its unique data assets into their investigative and enforcement strategies, law enforcement agencies will be better equipped to identify issues, trace offenders to their source, and enforce the law using real-world data. This will ultimately contribute to a safer and more secure global trade environment.