Businesses operating in today’s globalized economy must comprehend and conform with international supply chain legislation. ICTTM intends to develop legal compliance solutions to assist companies in navigating various regulations and maintaining responsible business practices.


Key legislation to be covered includes:

  • Supply Chain Act of Germany:

This act requires businesses to implement due diligence processes in their supply chains, identifying and mitigating risks associated with human rights violations and environmental harm.

  • Belgian Vigilance Proposal:

This proposal requires companies to develop vigilance plans to prevent and address adverse impacts on human rights, labor rights, and the environment throughout their supply chains.

  • Dutch Due Diligence Act:

The Dutch Act mandates that companies conduct due diligence on their supply chains, identifying and mitigating potential risks associated with human rights violations and environmental damage.

  • Norwegian Transparency Act:

In order to promote responsible business conduct and sustainable development, this Act requires companies to be transparent about their supply chains and to report on those chains.

  • Corporate sustainability due diligence directive of the European Union:

This directive aims to establish a comprehensive EU-wide framework for mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence for businesses, assuring responsible supply chain management throughout the region.

  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) of the United States:

With regard to the threat of terrorism, this voluntary supply chain security program concentrates on enhancing the security of private companies’ supply chains.

  • Modern Slavery Act of the United Kingdom:

This act requires companies to publish an annual statement detailing the measures taken to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking within their supply chains.


Companies can save time and resources, reduce risk, and boost their reputation as responsible and ethical business partners by utilizing the planned ICTTM legal compliance solutions. These solutions seek to provide businesses with the tools and insights required to maintain compliance with these essential international supply chain legislations.