The ADAMftd platform’s development seeks to promote and facilitate collaboration and information sharing between customs agencies and other stakeholders, including industry groups, law enforcement agencies, and regulatory bodies. By fostering stronger connections between these entities, the platform aims to improve enforcement of trade regulations, prevent illicit trade, and promote a more secure and compliant global supply chain.


Key advantages of improved collaboration and information sharing include:

  • Improved Enforcement: By allowing customs agencies to share information with other stakeholders, the ADAMftd platform can help establish a more unified and coordinated approach to enforcing trade regulations. This can lead to more effective detection and interception of illicit products, as well as the identification of criminal networks and their methods of operation.
  • Cooperation: Collaboration between various stakeholders enables the exchange of expertise and knowledge. This can result in a better understanding of the challenges encountered by each entity, the development of best practices, and the identification of emerging trends and threats.
  • Resource Optimization: By exchanging information and cooperating, customs agencies and other stakeholders can better allocate resources and concentrate efforts on high-risk areas, resulting in more effective and efficient operations.
  • Intelligence-Led Operations: The ADAMftd platform seeks to provide actionable intelligence that customs agencies and other stakeholders can use to target their operations more precisely, resulting in more successful interventions and the dismantling of criminal networks.
  • Strengthened Relationships: Promoting collaboration and information sharing can result in stronger relationships between various stakeholders, nurturing trust and promoting a more unified strategy for combating illicit trade and ensuring supply chain compliance.


By developing the ADAMftd platform to facilitate collaboration and information sharing between customs agencies and other stakeholders, the aim is to create a more secure, compliant, and efficient global supply chain. Through increased cooperation and a unified approach, enforcement of trade regulations can be improved, and the prevalence of illicit trade can be drastically reduced.