In order to navigate the complex landscape of international commerce, businesses must comply with numerous supply chain regulations. The ADAMftd platform will be designed to assist users in meeting these requirements and remaining abreast of the latest supply chain transparency law developments.


Mapping Your Supply Chain

To ensure compliance, a comprehensive understanding of your supply chain is essential. The platform will assist users in mapping their supply chains by identifying all relevant parties and processes.


Compliance with Supply Chain Transparency Statutes

ADAMftd will provide guidance on complying with supply chain transparency requirements, including:

  • Identifying pertinent statutes and rules: Maintain awareness of the legal requirements that apply to your supply chain.
  • Compliance monitoring throughout your supply chain: Implement the necessary measures to ensure compliance in every facet of your operations.


Staying Up-to-Date with Statutes

The platform will provide details on various supply chain transparency laws, including the:

  • Modern Slavery Act (UK)
  • Transparency in Supply Chains Act of California (US)
  • Conflict Minerals Regulation of the EU Forced Labor Abolition Act (US)


Examples of Compliance Measures in Supply Chains

ADAMftd will provide information on enforcement actions taken against businesses for supply chain violations, enabling users to comprehend the potential repercussions of noncompliance. Users will be able to learn from and avoid comparable pitfalls in their own supply chains by studying these case studies.