As part of our commitment to promoting transparent and ethical international commerce, the ADAMftd platform will be designed to assist users in identifying and managing supplier-related risks. By evaluating various facets of a supplier’s operations and history, users can make informed partnership decisions.


Supplier Exclusivity 

Users will be able to ascertain the extent of their supplier’s dealings, such as who else does the vendor sell to, in order to determine whether the supplier works exclusively with you or has other clients – as well as how this may affect your relationship and the terms that govern it.



ADAMftd will assist users in evaluating the deliverability of products from their suppliers, taking into account factors such as:

  • Terms of exchange: Examine the supplier’s historical terms of trade to discover if they meet your organization’s needs.
  • Port Congestion and Average Lead Times: Assess the effects of potential delays and disruptions in the delivery process.


Geopolitical Variables

Our platform will help users navigate geopolitical dangers such as war, sanctions, and closed countries.

  • War & Sanctions: Determine if a supplier operates in conflict-affected or trade-restricted regions.
  • Free Trade Agreements: Understand how protectionism and free trade agreements may impact the supplier’s operations and your partnership.


Market Entry Considerations

The ADAMftd platform will assist users in taking into consideration multiple factors in new and foreign markets that may affect their business relationships, including:

  • Cost of Doing Business: Consider the cultural and regional costs associated with contracting with a supplier when calculating the cost of doing business.
  • Legal Risks: Evaluate the legal climate and any potential impediments to concluding agreements.


Human Rights and Diversity

Our platform will assist users in evaluating a supplier’s commitment to human rights and diversity, enabling them to make ethical partnership decisions.


Competitive Risks

ADAMftd will allow users to evaluate the competitive landscape and comprehend the risks posed by rivals who also work with their supplier.


Negative Press

Before engaging into a partnership, the platform will help users identify negative media coverage associated with their suppliers, allowing them to assess potential reputational risks.