The International Centre for Trade Transparency and Monitoring (ICTTM) intends to uphold the highest standards of conduct for all suppliers with whom we will collaborate. Our suppliers are expected to adhere to the following principles:

  • Supply Chain Transparency: We expect all suppliers to maintain a transparent supply chain and report any anomalies, such as the use of child labor, environmental concerns, conflict minerals, political conflicts, or ethnic discrimination.
  • Compliance with Laws: Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards in their respective countries and regions.
  • Bribery: Suppliers are prohibited from engaging in any form of bribery, corruption, or other unlawful business practices.
  • Conflicts of Interest: Suppliers must avoid situations in which their personal or professional interests conflict with their ICTTM obligations.
  • Gifts and Hospitality: Suppliers should not offer or accept gifts or hospitality that could be interpreted as an attempt to influence business decisions.
  • Confidentiality: Suppliers must maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive ICTTM, client, or other stakeholder information.
  • People and Human Rights: Suppliers are required to respect human rights, including anti-discrimination policies, and not use juvenile, forced, or compulsory labor.
  • Employment and Working Conditions: Suppliers must maintain safe, healthy, and respectful working conditions.
  • Environment: Suppliers must minimize their impact on the environment and actively pursue sustainable practices.

Concerns Raised with the ICTTM

If, as our supplier, you become concerned that we are not upholding our standards or if you encounter any known or suspected improper behavior in your dealings with the ICTTM, our employees, agents, or contractors, please contact our Compliance Officer. We are committed to addressing any issues and maintaining the utmost ethical standards in our operations.