The development of the ADAMftd platform aims to revolutionize the way companies acquire new products, on a global scale. Our cutting-edge software looks to provide vital insights and tools for identifying the best suppliers, optimizing pricing, and streamlining the entire procurement procedure.


“ADAMftd aims to revolutionize international commerce by enabling companies to make more informed sourcing decisions with unprecedented ease and precision.”

– Senator David Wells, Chairman of the Board of the International Center for Trade Transparency Limited

Once developed, the ADAMftd platform aims to provide a comprehensive array of features to assist businesses in identifying new suppliers and making the best sourcing decisions possible:


  • Best Price: Uncover suppliers offering the most competitive prices for products, allowing you to make prudent purchasing decisions.
  • Fastest Delivery: Locate suppliers with the quickest delivery periods in order to ensure timely product availability.
  • Most Prominent Suppliers: Identify the top suppliers on the market that are preferred and trusted by other companies.
  • Emerging Suppliers: Stay ahead of the curve by identifying emerging suppliers with growth and innovation potential.
  • Price Trends: Monitor supplier price points to identify those that are decreasing (becoming less expensive) or rising, thereby facilitating strategic sourcing decisions.
  • Optimal Trade Terms: Evaluate suppliers based not only on pricing, but also on deliverability, discounts, and payment terms, in order to maximize the partnership’s overall value.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Ethical procurement involves ensuring that suppliers adhere to high ethical standards by avoiding those with sanctions issues, human rights violations, or negative environmental impact.


With the ADAMftd platform, businesses will have access to a paradigm-shifting tool for international sourcing, allowing them to find and engage with the most appropriate suppliers while promoting ethical and responsible trade practices.