The International Centre for Trade Transparency and Monitoring (ICTTM) is proud of its distinguished board of directors, which is comprised of eminent individuals with vast experience and expertise in a variety of disciplines. Current board members have been designated until 31st December 2024.

It is crucial to note that, unless explicitly mentioned, there is no affiliation between the ICTTM and the respective organizations or entities associated with our Board Members. The involvement of Board Members with the ICTTM is independent of their professional ties to the below-stated organizations.

Board Members


Hon. David Wells (Board Chairman)

  • Senator – Senate of Canada
  • Member of the Institute of Corporate Directors
  • Former Deputy CEO of Canada’s offshore petroleum regulator
  • 35 years experience in international business development

Lord John-Desmond Waverley

  • Member: House of Lords
  • Interest: International affairs
  • Founder: GoGlobal Trade
  • Co-Chair: International Trade & Investment Council (US)
  • Advisor: Euro Exim Bank

H.E. Sven Jurgenson

  • Diplomat
  • Former Head of UN Security Council
  • Former President of UNICEF Executive Board
  • Former Ambassador of Estonia to the United Nations

Hon. Charles Mok

  • Current Trustee – Board of Trustees of the Internet Society
  • Current Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s Global Digital Policy Incubator within the Cyber Policy Center.
  • Founder of Tech for Good Asia
  • Advisory Board Member – Surrey Law and Technology Hub, School of Law of the University of Surrey
  • Former Member of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong
  • Former President of the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation
  • Former Chair of the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association
  • Former Director of the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation

Hon. Iain Evans

  • Chairperson, Seafood Industry South Australia Inc
  • Chairman, Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fishermans Association
  • Chairperson, Southern Rock Lobster Ltd
  • Chairperson, Lenswood Cold Stores Co-op Society Limited
  • Associate Director, Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Citrus Australia
  • Director, Wana Ungkunytja Pty Ltd
  • Former Director, Crime Stoppers South Australia
  • Former Director, Thoroughbred Racing South Australia
  • Former Leader of the South Australian Division of the Liberal Party of Australia
  • Former Minister for Environment and Heritage, South Australian Government
  • Former Minister for Volunteers, South Australian Government
  • Former Minister for Recreation Sport and Racing, South Australian Government
  • Former Minister for Industry and Trade, South Australian Government
  • Former Minister For Police, Correctional Services and Emergency Services

Board Membership Criteria

Our criteria for board membership ensure that we attract individuals who are knowledgeable, committed, and devoted to the ICTTM’s mission and vision. The criteria consist of:

  • Leadership demonstrated in their respective disciplines
  • A firm commitment to the ICTTM’s values and objectives
  • Proven expertise in international trade, technology, or comparable industries
  • Willingness to donate time, knowledge, and resources to the ICTTM

Meeting Schedule

The board meets routinely to discuss and evaluate the ICTTM’s progress and direction. At least quarterly meetings are conducted, with additional meetings scheduled as necessary.


The board is committed to ensuring that the ICTTM adheres to the utmost ethical standards. The board also serves to promote a culture of transparency and integrity within the company.


It is the responsibility of the board to supervise the organization’s financial reporting and ensure that it accurately reflects the ICTTM’s performance and financial health. Additionally, they ensure that the organization complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards.