The ADAMftd platform provides a variety of tools and insights to assist law enforcement agencies in their efforts to assure certifications and compliance, maintain chain of custody evidence, and monitor sanctions.

  • Certifications and Compliance: The platform enables law enforcement agencies to confirm that businesses and individuals comply with trade regulations, certifications, and industry standards. This includes ensuring compliance with all applicable safety standards, environmental regulations, and requirements.
  • Evidence of Chain of Custody: Law enforcement agencies can track products from their source to their final distributor thanks to ADAMftd’s transparent view of the supply chain. This supply chain custody analysis aids in the collection of tangible, traceable evidence that can be used to prosecute those engaged in illegal activities.
  • Sanctions Monitoring: The platform enables law enforcement agencies to screen business partners, suppliers, and consumers against restricted party lists, ensuring compliance with domestic and international sanctions. Law enforcement can take appropriate action to prevent and address violations by identifying sanctioned individuals, organizations, and nations.

Law enforcement agencies can successfully enforce trade regulations, track offenders to their source, and prosecute those engaged in illegal activities by utilizing the ADAMftd platform’s tools and insights. This assistance protects businesses, consumers, and national interests while preserving a fair and secure trade environment.