icttm milestones

The Past

The International Centre for Trade Transparency and Monitoring was established with the goal of transforming the international trade landscape by promoting transparency and providing advanced data analytics and modeling solutions. Since our inception, we have established a solid foundation by assembling an exceptional team, securing strategic alliances, and procuring vital funding.


We are currently in the process of developing our revolutionary platform, ADAMftd (Advanced Data Analytics and Modelling for Foreign Trade Data). This platform will provide unprecedented insight into international trade, streamline decision-making processes, and enable businesses and governments to make informed decisions. This innovative solution is being brought to fruition by a team comprised of specialists from various backgrounds.

The Future

As we work to bring about positive change in the world of international trade, our future is loaded with ambitious milestones. Key events and launches on our schedule include:

  • Beta testing and refinement of the platform
  • Launch official of the ADAMftd platform
  • Continuous improvement of platform capabilities and features
  • Expansion of our partner and investor network
  • Expanding global reach by establishing new offices in key locations

As we advance, the International Centre for Trade Transparency and Monitoring remains dedicated to our core values and mission, striving for a future in which international trade is transparent, accessible, and sustainable for all.