Once developed, the ADAMftd platform aims to streamline the process of locating and connecting with both potential suppliers and customers – closing the gap for businesses small and large. This effective tool looks to facilitate the acquisition of both vital company information and critical contacts.


Key Company Specifics

Our platform will assist users in locating crucial business information on companies around the globe and across borders, such as:

  • Jurisdiction: Determine the legal jurisdiction in which a business operates.
  • Company Age: Determine the history and experience of prospective partners by determining how long their company has been in operation.
  • Company Records: Access pertinent company documents, financial data, and other pertinent information.


Key Company Contacts

ADAMftd aims to make it simpler for users to connect with the appropriate individuals within a company by enabling them to:

  • Identify key contacts: Determine the most relevant individuals within an organization based on their job titles, departments, and/or roles.
  • Access contact details: Find the required contact information for the designated individuals, such as email addresses and phone numbers.


GDPR Compliance

We treat data privacy seriously at the ICTTM. The contact sourcing procedure of our platform will be designed to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We acquire contact information from public documents, company websites, and other reliable sources. In addition, we intend to employ sophisticated AI algorithms designed to better predict, and subsequently validate, the correct contact names and email formats, ensuring the deliverability of communications while adhering to data privacy regulations.