The ADAMftd platform provides valuable tools and insights for customs agencies, assisting them in efficiently identifying and addressing discrepancies and irregularities in shipments, tracking illicit merchants, and recovering tariff revenue.

  • Identifying Discrepencies: The platform enables customs agencies to detect shipment discrepancies such as weight, size, quantity, price, and country of origin. By identifying these discrepancies, customs agencies can prioritize which containers to open and inspect, thereby reducing workload and increasing efficiency. The platform also identifies irregularities in shipment patterns, assisting customs agencies in determining whether discrepancies are intentional or the result of data entry mistakes.
  • Tracking Illegal Traders: The platform provides information on the beneficial owners of companies involved in shipments, as well as all parties involved in conducting the shipment, from the seller to the broker, shipping company, and end user. This data enables customs agencies to monitor and investigate potential illegal traders and ensure compliance with trade regulations.
  • Recovering Tariff Revenue: By identifying discrepancies and irregularities in shipments, customs agencies can ensure that the correct import duties are levied and recover any lost tariff revenue. The platform’s data-driven insights also support anti-dumping tax enforcement and other revenue recovery initiatives.
  • Collaboration with law enforcement: The platform’s actionable data can be shared with law enforcement agencies, allowing them to prioritize cases and target investigations to effectively combat illicit trade.

The ADAMftd platform enables customs agencies to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in detecting and addressing shipment discrepancies, monitoring illegal traders, and ensuring compliance with trade regulations. By leveraging the platform’s insights, customs agencies can better secure their jurisdictions and recover lost tariff revenue.