A Vision for Transparent and Efficient International Trade

The International Centre for Trade Transparency, Ltd. (ICTTM), trading as The International Centre for Trade Transparency and Monitoring, is a commercial spin-off of the International Trade Council (ITC).

Founded in November 2022, the organization’s mission is to revolutionize global commerce and increase market transparency. Just four months after its formation, ICTTM attained a market value of $25 million USD through its successful seed round, demonstrating the immense potential of and confidence in our innovative approach.

Key Statistics and Data

  • Established: November 2022
  • Shares Issued: 86165
  • Number of shareholders: 65 investors from 19 nations
  • Offices are located in the United Kingdom and the Philippines

Introducing ADAMftd

A Revolutionary Trade Platform for the Future

At the International Centre for Trade Transparency and Monitoring (‘ICTTM’), we are currently developing ADAMftd (Advanced Data Analytics and Modeling for Foreign Trade Data), a platform powered by artificial intelligence that will revolutionize international commerce by providing users with unparalleled insight and transparency. This innovative software application will provide direct end-user access to a plethora of information for businesses and governments to make informed decisions and predict market trends.

Our Purpose: Enabling Businesses through Data

ADAMftd will utilize billions of historical and real-time trade data points to forecast the future of trade. With our platform, businesses will have access to customer and competitor data, including paid prices, transaction history, supply and demand data, and forecasting capabilities. In addition, ADAMftd will facilitate supply chain modeling and authentication, enabling over 300 million businesses worldwide to comply with new global supply chain regulations.