The platform seeks to provide valuable insights and tools to assist exporters and importers in various business aspects, including:

  • Sourcing of goods: Assisting businesses in locating and comparing suppliers based on pricing, terms of trade, and delivery.
  • Supply chain diversity: Encouraging businesses to reduce risks associated with single-source suppliers by investigating alternative sources.
  • Supply chain due diligence: Providing businesses with tools to ensure ethical sourcing, anti-slavery measures, and other responsible practices in their supply chains.
  • Knowing the supply chains of competitors: Gaining knowledge of competitors’ supply chains to make better decisions.
  • Reducing the risks associated with geopolitics and port congestion: Assisting businesses in navigating potential disruptions and risks in global trade.
  • Making the most of free trade agreements: Providing information on how enterprises can benefit from existing trade agreements.
  • Understanding import regulations and rules: Assisting businesses in adhering to import regulations and requirements.
  • Calculating total landed cost: Providing tools to estimate the total costs associated with importing products, including shipping, taxes, and other fees.