Our ADAMftd platform aims to provide businesses with in-depth consumer analysis to assist them in better understanding their target market and making informed decisions. The platform aims to provide valuable insights into numerous aspects of prospective purchasers, such as:


  • Potential clients: Determine which customers are most likely to be interested in your products based on their purchasing history and preferences.
  • Supplier partnerships: Determine the number of suppliers each prospective buyer is presently working with, allowing you to gauge the level of competition and evaluate potential collaboration opportunities.
  • Comparisons of prices: Analyze the prices offered by other suppliers in relation to your selling price and landed cost to help you position your products competitively on the market.


By utilizing the ADAMftd platform’s consumer analysis capabilities, businesses should be able to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and tailor their marketing and sales strategies accordingly. When the platform becomes available, this should ultimately help businesses connect with the appropriate buyers and maximize export opportunities.