With the development of the ADAMftd platform, we intend to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for locating valuable contact information for prospective customers and business partners.

The platform aims to provide a variety of features to assist users in obtaining essential information, including:

  • Company Details: Access essential information about prospective companies, such as their jurisdiction, age, and company documents, to better comprehend their history and credibility.
  • Key Contacts: Identify relevant personnel within target companies based on their job titles, positions, and responsibilities, thereby facilitating more effective and targeted outreach.


GDPR Compliance

Our platform will be designed to collect contact information from public documents, company websites, and other sources to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. In addition, we intend to employ sophisticated AI algorithms to accurately forecast the correct contact names and email formats, thereby maximizing deliverability and minimizing the risk of privacy breaches.

Once launched, the ADAMftd platform will provide businesses with a valuable resource for locating key contacts and engaging with potential buyers and partners in a compliant and effective way.