Internal and External Commitments to Reducing Emissions

Climate change is an urgent issue that requires immediate action. The International Centre for Trade Transparency and Monitoring (ICTTM) is committed to assisting businesses in reducing their global footprint, while simultaneously endeavoring to achieve net zero emissions in our own operations. We do so by concentrating on two aspects:

  • Internally: Constructing a Sustainable Organization – As we develop our platform, we will actively pursue the use of renewable energy sources for our offices, telecommunications providers, and data centers. Our actions will include analyzing our suppliers and their supply chains, selecting environmentally friendly, recyclable, and sustainable products, eliminating single-use products from our operations, and educating our employees and business partners about the significance of sustainability. Our carbon offsetting activities will include tree planting and reforestation, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in the Philippines to cultivate native seedlings and partake in tree planting with staff. Our goal is to establish one thousand native trees by the end of 2023.
  • Externally: Empowering Businesses to Reduce Emissions – We believe that business transparency will assist businesses in making the best decision to reduce their emissions. As we develop our platform, we will equip businesses – and end-users – with the tools they need to make informed decisions about reducing their emissions by providing a transparent view of their supply chains. This will allow them to select suppliers with the most transparent and eco-friendly supply chains.