At the International Centre for Trade Transparency and Monitoring, we are committed to assisting businesses in exploring new markets and locating prospective purchasers. Our platform, ADAMftd, is currently being developed to provide a comprehensive suite of tools and insights to effectively facilitate this process.


“Our mission is to empower businesses by providing them with unmatched access to valuable market data, enabling them to make informed decisions and uncover new growth opportunities.”

– Senator David Wells, Chairman of the Board

Once developed, our platform will provide businesses with the necessary data and analytics for exploring new markets, identifying prospective customers, and making strategic decisions.

Key features and insights intended for the ADAMftd platform consist of the following:

  • Comparison of product markets
  • Identification of the most profitable markets
  • Number of customers per market
  • Quantity of purchasers per market (quantities purchased)
  • Expenses per market (average, lowest, highest)
  • Analysis of seasonality in the market
  • An overview of the entry requirements for specific markets
  • Information to best leverage free trade agreements
  • Markets to avoid because of sanctions or geopolitical issues

By providing businesses with these crucial insights and tools, we hope to streamline the process of locating new markets and enable them to expand their global footprint once our platform is completed and launched.