ICTTM is committed to assisting companies in mapping and tracing their supply chains to ensure compliance with certifications, laws, sanctions, and restricted entity transactions. Our services ensure that businesses maintain a responsible and transparent supply chain, thereby protecting their reputation and long-term success.


A Word from Our Chief Executive Officer 


“Supply chain transparency is not just a legal requirement; it is an essential element of responsible business practices that fosters consumer trust and stakeholder loyalty.”

– James S. York, CEO, International Center for Trade Transparency Limited

Transparency in the Supply Chain

A growing demand for supply chain transparency is being driven by factors like consumer awareness, regulatory requirements, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Companies are now expected to disclose information about their sourcing, labor practices, and environmental impact to demonstrate ethical and sustainable practices.


Benefits of a Transparent Supply Chain

By being transparent about their supply chain operations, companies can reap numerous benefits, including enhanced brand reputation, customer loyalty, risk mitigation, and even a positive impact on the bottom line. Adopting supply chain transparency also enables businesses to proactively address potential problems and prevent costly disruptions.


Supply Chain Regulations: A Global Perspective

The number of supply chain regulations worldwide continues to rise, affecting an increasing number of companies. Compliance with these regulations is necessary to avoid penalties, protect brand reputation, and ensure responsible business practices.


By partnering with ICTTM, your company will be able to navigate the complex landscape of supply chain regulations, maintain transparency, and uphold the ethical practices that are essential for long-term success in today’s business climate.