As part of the development of the ADAMftd platform, we intend to provide comprehensive competitor analysis tools to help businesses acquire a deeper understanding of the operations of their competitors. This unique feature will provide vital insights that can be used to inform strategic decisions and enhance competitive positioning.

The platform aims to generate a comprehensive, turnkey analysis of competitors in a single, downloadable report encompassing the following aspects:


  • Competitor sales: Determine who your competitors are selling to and gather information about their customer base.
  • Competitor Terms of Trade: Understand the standard terms of trade that your competitors offer, such as payment terms and delivery conditions.
  • Competitor Pricing: Analyze the prices that your competitors are charging for their products.
  • Landed Cost Comparison: Compare your landed costs to those of your competitors, taking into account factors such as tariffs, taxes, and transportation fees.
  • Supply Chain Comparison: Assess the cleanliness of your supply chain in comparison to that of your competitors, ensuring ethical and sustainable practices.
  • Certification Requirements: Examine the number of certifications required for your product in comparison to those of your competitors in order to identify potential market entry barriers.
  • Speed of Deliverability: Compare the port-to-port delivery times of your product and those of your competitors, as this will help you determine your efficiency and prospective market advantages.


With the intended competitor analysis feature of the ADAMftd platform, businesses should be able to evaluate their competitive landscape and make informed decisions to bolster their market position.