The development of the ADAMftd platform will provide valuable insights and tools to export promotion agencies, allowing them to effectively support and expand their country’s export sector.

  • Exporter Analysis: Learn who is exporting from your country and neighboring countries, the types of products being exported, and the volume of trade.
  • Export Destinations: Identify the countries and regions where your country’s products are exported, as well as the buyers of these exports, including their companies and contacts.
  • Buyer Analysis: Determine what else these purchasers buy, their sources, and the volumes they trade.
  • Competitor Analysis: Discover global competitors that export similar products, their trade volumes, target markets, and pricing strategies through competitor analysis.
  • Legalities: Learn about the standard terms of trade used and the regulations for selling products in specific markets, such as certification and testing requirements.
  • Market Pricing: Determine the end-market price for products in various markets, including landed costs, taxes, and tariffs.
  • Market Trends: Determine whether your nation’s export market is expanding or contracting, and identify growth industries.
  • Turn-key Exporter Due Diligence: Conduct thorough due diligence on prospective exporters to ensure compliance with trade regulations and ethical standards.
  • Industry Analysis: Explain growth trends by industry, market consolidation, risks in specific industries, and the impact of geopolitics on trade.
  • Importer Analysis: Find out who ships to your jurisdiction, who the importers are, and whether or not shipments are expanding or contracting. Examine the effects of market consolidation on your jurisdiction.
  • Forecasting Future Growth: Utilize the platform’s data to forecast future growth in various industries and markets, enabling you to make informed decisions and develop targeted strategies for export promotion.

The ADAMftd platform can become an indispensable resource for export promotion agencies by providing data-driven insights and tools to assist them in supporting and expanding their country’s export sector.