Sebastian Sadowski-Romanov

Sebastian Sadowski-Romanov
Chief Executive Officer
Itro Sp. z o.o.


Sebastian Sadowski-Romanov is a highly experienced business professional and the CEO of Itro Sp. z o.o. With a strong focus on international trade, supply chains, transparency, and logistics, Sebastian excels in export consulting, helping companies expand into new markets. Leveraging trade statistics data and HS Codes, he assists businesses in selecting the best markets, conducts market research, devises and implements marketing strategies, and facilitates B2B meetings during trade shows. Sebastian’s expertise lies in building distribution networks and supporting companies’ market entry efforts.

Sebastian’s journey in the industry began as an exporter, owning a sewing company in Poland and China, as well as a trade company in Russia. Despite facing bankruptcy in 2008, he didn’t let setbacks deter him. After gaining experience as an employee, Sebastian and his wife established Itro Co,. Ltd (International Trade & Representation Office) upon their return to Poland. His practical knowledge of the export process, combined with a master’s degree in marketing and management, have been instrumental in his career success.

Over the past 12 years at Itro, Sebastian Sadowski-Romanov and his team have successfully assisted over 100 companies in entering approximately 300 markets. One notable achievement was guiding a client to secure the 42nd position on the list of top exporters of fresh apples to Russia. This accomplishment was particularly significant as the company had no prior export experience before collaborating with Itro.

Sebastian has witnessed the industry’s evolution, observing the growing importance of exports in all countries and the emergence of government agencies supporting exporters in expanding their markets. He recognizes that the industry currently faces challenges posed by global crises and economic wars, which demand a resilient approach.

Looking ahead, Sebastian believes it is difficult to predict the industry’s trajectory 5 to 10 years from now due to the rapid changes brought about by artificial intelligence. However, he anticipates that the industry will continue to leverage big data and AI technologies, which are expected to play significant roles in shaping the future of international trade.

For individuals starting in the industry, Sebastian emphasizes the importance of professionalism for consultants and preparedness for exporters. He advises exporters to calculate and minimize risks associated with entering new markets, urging them to seek the guidance of a reputable consulting company like Itro to maximize opportunities while mitigating potential challenges.

Sebastian draws inspiration from McKinsey & Company, a renowned global consulting firm. Outside of his professional life, he has a keen interest in Native Americans and motorcycles, reflecting his diverse range of hobbies.

By leveraging his extensive experience, Sebastian Sadowski-Romanov plays a vital role in supporting businesses in expanding their international trade activities. Through Itro, he provides invaluable guidance and strategies to help companies enter new markets, optimize supply chains, and navigate the complexities of global trade. With a focus on transparency and logistics, Sebastian contributes to fostering sustainable and successful business ventures in the global marketplace.