Paul Nnanwobu

Paul Nnanwobu
Random Dynamic Resources Ltd


Paul Nnanwobu is a highly experienced business leader and the CEO of Random Dynamic Resources Ltd, a prominent market and social research company operating in more than 35 countries across Africa. With a focus on providing valuable data insights to clients, Paul has made significant contributions to the field of market research, particularly in Africa. His expertise, dedication, and deep understanding of the market research industry have propelled his company to the forefront of the market research landscape.

Paul began his career in sales and marketing, gradually working his way up to become a national sales manager with Worldwide Group. His introduction to the market research industry came when he joined AC Nielsen (Nigeria) as a supervisor in the Retail Measurement and Consumer Research divisions for West Africa. In 2007, he founded Random Dynamic Resources Ltd, which has since become a leading market and social research company in Africa. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Paul has been involved in high-profile research projects across the African continent and the world. He holds an MBA in International Business and is currently pursuing a PhD in Business, Industry, and Leadership in the United Kingdom.

Throughout his career, Paul has successfully led various research projects, including retail measurement census and audit, global consumer surveys, hybrid gang survey techniques, and initiatives in collaboration with organizations such as WHO and GAVI. Additionally, he takes pride in publishing the Research Intelligence Magazine for the Insight Industry in Nigeria, which has contributed to the development and growth of the market research sector in the region.

Paul’s commitment to excellence and his contributions to the market research industry have garnered him respect and recognition. His dedication to delivering high-quality data for superior decision-making has earned him the trust of governments, international development agencies, research agencies, and companies across Africa and beyond.

Paul has witnessed significant advancements in technology within the market research industry. The transition from traditional pen and paper data collection methods to online panels, computer-aided mobile interviews, and emerging platforms for qualitative research has transformed the research landscape. He emphasizes the need to enhance survey response experiences, harness technology to amplify human ingenuity, and invest in robust and scalable technology to streamline research operations.

The market research industry faces challenges such as adapting to changing economic conditions, coping with staff turnover post-pandemic, and convincing businesses to view researchers as reliable partners. Looking ahead, Paul envisions a future where quality takes precedence over quantity, with automation research methods fast-tracking reporting and delivery of projects. He also anticipates the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) to refine data output and enhance agile research practices.

For individuals starting in the industry, Paul advises developing a passion for research, acquiring versatile skills in qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and maintaining honesty with clients even in challenging situations. He emphasizes the importance of understanding consumers and clients, hiring and training young research professionals, and continually learning from each project.

Paul approaches setbacks and challenges by identifying their root causes, taking specific project responsibilities, encouraging open dialogue within the team, seeking outside help when needed, and maintaining transparency with clients. He remains patient, resilient, and proactive in finding solutions.

Paul draws inspiration from Arthur C. Nielsen, the founder of AC Nielsen, where he first encountered the market research industry, and Paul Lavrakas, a renowned research psychologist and methodologist.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Paul is a pet lover, keeping two German Shepherd dogs and a parrot. He enjoys traveling, singing, playing table tennis, and indulging in his passion for reading and collecting books.