Olga Trofymova 2

Olga Trofymova
Cluster Manager
Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster


Olga Trofymova is an accomplished business leader with a passion for driving positive change in the automotive and mobility sector. As the Cluster Manager of the Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster, she brings extensive expertise in international trade, supply chains, transparency, logistics, and fostering collaborative partnerships that have transformed the Ukrainian automotive landscape.

Her journey in the industry began with the founding of the Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster in 2018. This visionary platform united manufacturers, suppliers, service companies, educational institutions, research institutes, associations, and government agencies to elevate Ukraine as a prime automotive manufacturing hub. Her visionary leadership has been pivotal in creating favorable business conditions, promoting production localization, and supporting the development of a smart and innovative automotive ecosystem in Ukraine.

Olga’s commitment to internationalization is evident through her instrumental role in strengthening ties with organizations such as the International Center for Trade Transparency (ICTT). Her collaboration has propelled Ukrainian companies towards global integration, attracting investments, and initiating impactful projects such as launching an e-learning platform.

She takes pride in the Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster’s membership in esteemed networks like the European Automotive Cluster Network (EACN), Ukrainian Cluster Alliance (UCA), and partnerships with entities like EIT Manufacturing. These affiliations underline her dedication to fostering international collaboration and driving innovation.

Olga’s forward-looking perspective anticipates the industry’s evolution, as she foresees the emergence of new technologies, particularly in the realm of e-mobility. Her advice to newcomers underscores the importance of valuing relationships, and she faces challenges with unwavering passion and a deep understanding of the people involved.

Outside her professional realm, Olga’s interests extend to piloting, showcasing her ability to navigate uncharted territories with precision and determination. Her multifaceted approach to leadership, encompassing human-centricity, innovation, and strategic collaboration, defines her as a trailblazer in the automotive and mobility sector.

Olga Trofymova’s journey is one of continuous growth, forging pathways to success in the ever-evolving landscape of international trade, supply chains, and automotive innovation. Her vision, leadership, and dedication exemplify the values that propel the industry forward into a dynamic and promising future.