Nicholas Ashby
CEO / Principal SE Asia
Celadon Capital / Eaton Square


Nicholas Ashby is a seasoned business professional and entrepreneur with extensive expertise in international capital markets, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and business development strategy. As the Founder and CEO of Celadon Capital and Principal (SE Asia) of Eaton Square, a global advisory firm, Nicholas is actively involved in providing financing solutions and strategic advisory services to privately-owned entrepreneur-run companies, primarily in their growth phase. He specializes in raising capital from sources such as Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds, Family Offices, and guiding companies towards IPO or M&A corporate disposals. With a global focus, Nicholas operates in various regions, including APAC, Australia, UK/Europe, and North America.

Nicholas Ashby’s career in the finance industry began in industrial finance with Ford Motor in the UK. He later ventured into equity capital markets in the UK, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines and India. Recognizing the value and satisfaction derived from assisting businesses with their financing and strategic challenges, Nicholas transitioned into corporate finance and M&A and subsequently established his own advisory practice.

With a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences and Chemical Engineering from University of Cambridge, he has a solid understanding of the complexities and issues – financial, technical, operational and logistical – faced by his clients, many of whom are in the technology and manufacturing sectors, as well as the ability to apply the best possible financial solutions.

Throughout his career, Nicholas has successfully advised and executed numerous financing transactions across 17 countries and diverse industrial sectors, ranging from heavy industry to biotechnology and agribusiness, from manufacturing to consumer to digital business. He takes pride in achieving the desired outcomes for his clients and has built a reputation for delivering results.

Nicholas has witnessed the evolution of the international capital markets and corporate finance advisory services over the past 40 years. He notes the increasing competitive environment with the entry of many new players, and the transformation brought about by technology, not least Social Media, AI, and ChatGPT which together are causing in-person business interactions to give way to online- and technology-driven transactions. Keeping up with technological advancements and adapting to the changing landscape of clients and financing sources are among the significant challenges faced by the industry.

Nicholas expects the industry to continue at a fast-paced rate of change in the coming years. He foresees advancements in technologies such as ChatGPT, easier and more affordable availability of data, and richer communication experiences through platforms like Zoom, which will further reduce the need for physical travel.

For those starting in the advisory industry as a boutique player, Nicholas emphasizes the importance of forming partnerships with 3-4 other persons with complementary skills, equal financial and professional commitment and well-defined roles and responsibilities. He suggests avoiding going it alone and leveraging on the strengths of a collaborative team.

When faced with setbacks and challenges, Nicholas encourages maintaining a calm and positive attitude, sometimes easier said than done. Nicholas draws inspiration from any advisory firm that accomplishes a landmark transaction or succeeded against all odds.

Outside of his professional life, he enjoys business networking through various groups like the local chambers of commerce. He engages a lot with younger entrepreneurs, often acting as mentor and a conduit to early-stage financing, if not an investor in his own right. He also enjoys indulging in the arts, cinema, photography, and skiing, and is investor in the hotel and hospitality industry in Bali, Indonesia, a reflection of his diverse range of interests and pastimes.

By leveraging his extensive business and finance expertise, Nicholas hopes to contribute more to the international trade industry by assisting businesses in this area in navigating their financing and strategic challenges, helping to raise growth capital, merge, acquire or be acquired in order to help them to avail themselves of the many global growth opportunities that will arise in the future.