Harri Laitinen

Harri Laitinen
Chief Executive Officer
Planix Oy


Harri Laitinen is a highly experienced business professional and the CEO of Planix Oy, an innovative company operating in the automation and electrical design industry. With a strong focus on international trade, supply chains, transparency, and logistics, Harri Laitinen has made significant contributions to the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies that have revolutionized various sectors.

Harri Laitinen’s expertise lies in automation and electrical design, construction and related technology, design-related technology, and import and export. He is a pioneer in electronic archiving, UAV, EW, and communication in various forms, with over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. His broad interest in different technologies, coupled with extensive study and practical learning, has laid a solid foundation for his success in the industry.

As a shareholder of the International Center for Trade Transparency, Harri Laitinen has been actively involved in promoting transparency, reliability, and security in international trade. Planix Oy, under his leadership, provides easy-to-use, cyber-safe identification, information, and communication solutions for users, companies, and organizations, ensuring the integrity of data transmission and certified distribution of information content. His commitment to developing and implementing cyber-safe artificial intelligence in communication systems has enhanced the safety and accuracy of cross-device technology and traditional communication.

For Harri Laitinen, ease of use and the correctness of information content are paramount in making sound decisions and taking actions. He believes that the integration of artificial intelligence and cyber security presents new opportunities for ensuring correctness, authentication, and identification of data solutions. With a focus on continuous self-improvement and achieving better results, Harri emphasizes the importance of prioritizing technological development in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Harri Laitinen’s contributions to international trade are numerous. His involvement in electrical and automation design, electronic archiving, construction technology/production, UAV and EW technology/production, and cyber-secure communication have been instrumental in shaping the industry. Harri’s pioneering efforts have set new standards in data transfer, management, and communication, enabling safer and more efficient trade practices.

As an industry visionary, Harri Laitinen foresees the adoption of new technologies when they are understood and well-managed. He believes that information security will reach a new level, leading to increased production, well-being, and economic growth. Harri is excited about the potential of communication and identity management technologies, as well as the advancements in ecological construction, living, and other new industrial services.

Outside of his professional life, Harri Laitinen is fascinated by people, animals, nature, and technology, studying their relationships and energy movements. He is continually seeking inspiration from entities or things that evolve over time, reflecting his curiosity about the ever-changing world and life.

To those starting in the industry, Harri Laitinen emphasizes the importance of expertise in the field, understanding the market, and offering regionally suitable products and services. Strong capitalization for financing is crucial for success in this rapidly evolving and competitive field.

Harri Laitinen’s extensive experience, innovative vision, and dedication to transparency and security in international trade make him a valuable shareholder of the International Center for Trade Transparency. Through his leadership at Planix Oy, Harri has made significant strides in revolutionizing communication systems and enhancing data integrity, contributing to the growth and advancement of the industry as a whole.