Guvenc Kockaya

Guvenc Kockaya
Chief Executive Officer
ECONiX Research


Guvenc Kockaya is an esteemed business leader and visionary entrepreneur with an extensive background in international trade, supply chain dynamics, transparency, logistics, and market access strategies. As the CEO of ECONiX RESEARCH, a premier research firm providing tailored solutions to healthcare companies, Guvenc Kockaya has been instrumental in shaping the future of market expansion in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Western Asia.

With a remarkable combination of skills, including being a medical doctor (MD), holding an MSc in pharmacoeconomics, and having a PhD in pharmacology, Guvenc Kockaya’s journey is characterized by his commitment to enriching the healthcare landscape through profound insights and strategic planning. He embarked on his career recognizing the pivotal role of securing market access for healthcare technologies and pioneered ECONiX RESEARCH to address this critical need.

Guvenc Kockaya’s wealth of experience in government, academia, and the corporate sector has been pivotal in his profound understanding of market access, health economics, and outcome research. He is a prominent figure in the industry, having authored and edited groundbreaking books such as “Pharmaceutical Market Access in Emerging Markets,” “Pharmaceutical Market Access in Developed Markets,” and “Pharmacoeconomics from Clinical Perspective.” His contributions have not only topped Amazon’s Best Sellers lists but also earned a spot in the “100 Best Pharmaceutical Books of All Time.”

Guvenc Kockaya’s views on the industry’s evolution showcase his deep insights. He has observed the exponential growth of the life science sector, accompanied by heightened healthcare expenditures. This transformation has brought both opportunities and challenges. He foresees the industry journeying towards greater adoption of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, personalized medicine, and gene therapies. Guvenc Kockaya’s vision extends beyond the present, embracing the integration of technology, patient-centric care, and regulatory advancements in the coming 5-10 years.

In the face of challenges, Guvenc Kockaya’s approach is marked by resilience, strategic thinking, and adaptability. He emphasizes the importance of understanding local needs and collaborating with market experts to overcome obstacles. His strategies encompass analyzing problems, learning from past experiences, seeking support, embracing flexibility, and creatively devising solutions.

Albert Wertheimer and Mondher Toumi stand as inspirations in Guvenc Kockaya’s professional journey, shaping his perspectives on market access and health economics. Beyond his professional life, he indulges in scuba diving, camping, and exploring the intricacies of economics.

Guvenc Kockaya’s transformative impact on international trade transparency, supply chains, and healthcare market access is a testament to his business acumen, dedication, and innovative thinking. As a shareholder of the International Center for Trade Transparency, his contributions continue to pave the way for a more transparent, connected, and prosperous global marketplace.