George Glory Opeku

George Glory Opeku
Chief Executive Officer
Portlink Ghana Limited

George Glory Opeku is a distinguished businessman with a remarkable career anchored in international trade, supply chains, and logistics, he can be described as an embodiment of innovation and transparency in the business world.

He is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Portlink Ghana Limited, a company he has nurtured and grown from the scratch. This company can be described as a trailblazer in the supply chain and logistics sector, He specializes in a range of services, including freight forwarding, import and export of general merchandise, haulage, and project     management consultancy.

His journey into this industry began by apprenticing under established industry leaders, a testament to his commitment to learning from the best. His academic background, coupled with his strong problem-solving skills, initiative-taking prowess, and impeccable planning and organizational abilities, have been pivotal in his career’s trajectory.

His initiative of acquiring TRACTOR TRUCKS   for his company, which transformed the haulage of cargo, shifting it from outsourced services to in-house efficiency.

Furthermore, George has facilitated the establishment of two new supermarket branches in Ghana stands as a testament to his profound impact on businesses’ growth.

In the dynamic landscape of international trade, George acknowledges the influence of technology as a catalyst for change. He remains vigilant about challenges, particularly governmental initiatives and taxation on imported goods. Despite advancements, certain customs procedures still rely on paper, a hurdle that he aims at to overcoming with his continuous efforts toward a seamless transition to paperless systems.

Looking ahead, George envisions a future where the industry embraces automation and AI-driven processes, minimizing human intervention. He eagerly anticipates the implementation of Electronic      Bill of Lading developed by FIATA in Ghana, along with more streamlined procedures for goods’ in transit to the landlocked countries.

For aspiring industry entrants, George’s sage advice is to seek mentorship and learn from established       professionals.

He approaches setbacks and challenges methodically, identifying issues and

Proactively and devising measures to prevent reoccurrence.

George draws inspiration from luminaries in the industry like Jacob Gbeti, CEO of Global Cargo, as well as Fechin Yao Akoto and John Bismark Kissi, Assistant Commissioners at the Ghana Revenue Authority – Customs Divison.

Beyond the boardroom, George finds solace in reading, meditation, and exploring new destinations. His multifaceted approach to life is a testament to his well-rounded and balanced outlook, resonating with his commitment to excellence and progress in international trade and beyond.