Revolutionizing Global Trade Intelligence

At present, the International Center for Trade Transparency is in the process of creating a product known as ADAMftd (Advanced Data Analytics and Modeling for Trade Data).

The ADAMftd is set to be a revolutionary AI platform that leverages both historical and real-time trade data to decipher worldwide trading patterns. This platform will provide users the means to identify new clients and suppliers, map out their supply chains, assess risks associated with their supply chain and partners, and project future demand for tangible goods as they are transported globally.

Combined with a predictive modeling feature, ADAMftd is being crafted to cater to the needs of exporters, importers, trade finance businesses, insurance companies, logistics and supply chain firms, government customs bodies, hedge funds, commodity traders, and any business seeking transparency in their supply chain.

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A Word from Our Chairman

“Transparency is the key to unlocking development and propelling sustainable progress in today’s complex and interconnected global economy. At ICTTM, we are committed to equipping businesses with the resources and insights they require to make informed decisions and flourish in a landscape that is rapidly evolving.”

– Senator David Wells, Chairman of the Board of Directors