Introducing the International Centre for Trade Transparency & Monitoring

Announcing the International Centre for Trade Transparency & Monitoring – the commercial spin-off of the International Trade Council.

At present, the International Center for Trade Transparency is in the process of creating a product known as ADAMftd (Advanced Data Analytics and Modeling for Foreign Trade Data).

ADAMftd is set to be a revolutionary AI platform that leverages both historical and real-time trade data to decipher worldwide trading patterns. This platform will provide users the means to identify new clients and suppliers, map out their supply chains, assess risks associated with their supply chain and partners, and project future demand for tangible goods as they are transported globally.

About the ICTTM

Through the launch of the ICTTM, the International Trade Council has brought together a unique blend of expertise in trade, technology, and policy-making. The commercial team consists of esteemed professionals, including industry leaders, diplomats, and technology experts, united by a shared passion for transforming global trade dynamics.

An Unparalled Data Powerhouse

Data is our strength. As the commercial spin-off of the International Trade Council, the ICTTM has exclusive access to the world’s largest repository of global trade data.


This extensive data, combined with proprietary AI algorithms currently under development, will position this new organization as the market leader in supply chain transparency solutions.

A Glimpse into the Future

We believe in the transformative impact of AI, and the mission for which the ICTTM has been created is to ensure a future where supply chains are seamlessly transparent, and where every node and transaction is traceable and verifiable.


This level of transparency will foster new paradigms of trust, minimizes risks, and drive unparalleled efficiency across global markets.

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