Confidential Convertible Note Offering

(A convertible note is a short-term, debt instrument issued by a company which is repayable by the company in cash or, optionally, be converted into shares in the company). The ICTTM Commercial Note Offering provides a substantial annual interest rate of 22.5% (per annum), repayable at the end of a 3-year period, with a minimum investment requirement of $10,000 USD.

Example: A $10,000 USD investment would therefor forecast a yield a total return of $18,382.66 (interest plus principle).

The interest payable to Note holders at the end of the 3-year period would be $8,382.66.

File: ICTTM-1. Convertible Note Offering

Apply here:

(The above will submit a non-binding expression of interest and is subject to our due diligence and further discussions).

File:  Convertible-Note-Agreement


Important ADAMftd Feature Overview and Market Comparison

This file includes a detailed list of features for the upcoming ADAMftd, along with a comparative analysis against existing customs and contact service providers. This document will provide you with a clear understanding of the unique aspects of the ADAMftd product suite that we are currently developing.

File: ICTTM 2. A Peek at ADAMftd


Important Strategic Report

The second attachment outlines our current position and our strategic roadmap for the future. It details how we are utilizing various components and strategies to drive success and growth for the organization.

File:  ICTTM 3. Leveraging our Successes

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With a foundation already rich in essential resources – comprehensive data, extensive contacts, high-profile users, unmatched expertise, and a seasoned management team – our focus is now on building and refining our systems.  As we embark on this exciting journey, we are eager to collaborate with our investor base, recognizing this venture as a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For those interested in learning more about our innovative approach, we invite you to reach out to our CEO, James York. He is available directly via email at [email protected], book a call at: or on mobile or WhatsApp via +1 (347) 951-3308. (Please also CC correspondence to [email protected]).

Thank you for joining us in shaping a groundbreaking future in trade transparency and data intelligence.


Disclaimer: Important Information Regarding the Convertible Note Offering

Please be advised that the Convertible Note Offering presented herein is not an offering of securities. This offering is subject to a thorough vetting process, and acceptance will only be considered upon the satisfactory completion of this procedure. The offering is exclusively available to commercial entities and qualified investors who meet specific eligibility criteria.

Prospective participants should be aware that this offering necessitates a comprehensive evaluation and due diligence process. We strongly recommend that all interested parties conduct their own thorough due diligence and seek independent professional advice before making any decision to accept this offer.

It is our priority to ensure that all potential investors are fully informed and aware of the nature of this offering and the obligations and risks it entails. Please proceed with caution and prudence in considering your involvement in this Convertible Note Offering.